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Discover a new era of woodworking excellence with cutting-edge technology, empowering craftsmen to achieve unparalleled results in every project.


Our advanced wood solutions at ARRTSM have ignited a revolution in the woodworking industry, with companies like Anton Frei, Lengemann, and more embracing our technology to elevate their manufacturing processes. By integrating our state-of-the-art wood fabrication systems, these companies have not only streamlined their operations but have also significantly improved precision, delivering exceptional quality in every woodwork project.

In addition to our wood fabrication solutions, we take pride in introducing a specialized wood framing robot line. This innovative technology is tailored for the construction industry, enabling professionals to streamline the construction of wood frames such as wall panels, roof trusses, and floor systems. The precision and automation capabilities of our wood framing robots ensure faster project completion, enhanced structural integrity, and increased efficiency in wood construction projects.


Our wood solutions at ARRTSM redefine the woodworking landscape. With our advanced robotics technology and automation capabilities, businesses can optimize their woodworking processes, enhancing productivity, reducing errors, and delivering superior wood products. The specialized wood framing robot line further empowers the construction industry by providing:

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