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Advanced Autonomics Software​


Our advanced autonomics software enables a streamlined transition from concept to finished product. By integrating robotic fabrication tools with an intelligent digital system, we can automatically translate CAD designs into manufactured pieces. 

The process begins by importing a 2D or 3D CAD model into our advanced manufacturing platform. Proprietary algorithms instantly interpret the geometric data and digital blueprint. For complex designs, our optimized software automatically delegates discrete tasks to specialized machines based on their capabilities.

After analyzing the CAD specifications, the autonomics system generates tailored machine code instructions. This proprietary programming sequences guides our automated fabrication tools through precision cutting, shaping and finishing operations. By leveraging AI-powered software to direct robotic manufacturers, our platforms can seamlessly progress from digital concept to fabricated product while maximizing repeatability, quality control and workflow efficiency.

Our intelligent manufacturing process optimizes the transition from design to finished part. By combining autonomous software, robotic precision, and customizable workflows we can rapidly fabricate pieces that match exact specifications. This allows us to produce specialized components, machined parts and other items to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Artificial Intelligence Pack​

In the realm of autonomous robotic digital factories, the Advanced Autonomics Artificial Intelligence Pack stands out as a game-changer. This article explores how AI transforms these factories, empowering robots and machines to make intelligent decisions and adapt dynamically to evolving conditions.

At the core of this transformation lie powerful AI algorithms, deployed for diverse tasks such as machine learning, computer vision, predictive maintenance, and production process optimization. These algorithms become the digital brain, enabling machines to learn, perceive, predict, and enhance their operations.

Artificial Intelligence Pack​

Unlock the potential of your factory with Advanced Autonomics Digital Twin, a cutting-edge solution amalgamating AI-driven real-time simulation and a foresight function. Dive into the intricacies of this advanced system, seamlessly blending technologies for unprecedented efficiency.

The Dynamic Digital Replica: Real-Time Simulation Unveiled

Experience a Digital Twin that transcends static representations. Our Digital Twin operates dynamically in real time, mirroring the behavior of the entire factory and its intricate processes. Through state-of-the-art real-time simulation algorithms, we process live manufacturing data from the physical counterpart, ensuring the virtual model stays synchronized with the present state of the physical system.

AI Controlled Image Processing

Industrial image processing, also known as machine vision, is a field that involves the use of computer vision and image processing techniques for automation and quality control in industrial environment. It involves capturing 2d or 3d images and analyzing images or videos of product in real time, processes, or components to extract valuable 2d or 3d information from the given product and make decision based on the detected information from the object to be processed.

hands-free production

Lucy App

The Lucy APP offers customers an innovative user interface for defining the workpiece characteristics such as size, configuration and features. The application transmits the Data to our Software.

Lucy Stone App

The Lucy Stone App offers you an innovative user interface for defining the workpiece characteristics such as size, configuration and features. The application enables you to design you Countertop, Table, Stairs and so on

Benefits of our app

Maximize convenience and efficiency with our app's robust capabilities

intelligent process automation

tool path and parameter definition

manufacturing code generation

hands-free production

programming for up to 6 + 2 axes

handling complex shape programming

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MOB CARP Augmented Reality

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AR (Advanced Autonomics Augmented Reality)