Stone Cutting Technology

Our partnership with Herbert Heim GmbH marks a milestone in redefining the natural stone industry. Discover how our robotic stone-cutting technology is revolutionizing the art of stonecraft, setting new standards for quality and design.

Heim Success Story

Elevating Natural Stone Countertops to Unprecedented Heights.

Dive into the success story of our collaboration with Herbert Heim GmbH, a distinguished leader with over three decades of expertise in restoring and crafting premium natural stone products. Discover how our innovative robotic stone-cutting technology has elevated the art of countertop manufacturing, overcoming challenges and setting new standards for quality and design.

Good AI, enhancing decision-making processes, integrated waterjet technology stone cutting-edge technology.

Solving Complex Design Challenges with Precision and Efficiency.

Innovative Robotic Stone-Cutting: Crafting Excellence

Our cutting-edge solution addresses the complexities faced by traditional countertop technology. Introducing an innovative robotic stone-cutting technology, we seamlessly process intricate 3D designs, overcoming challenges in handling stone dust and water. Discover how our multi-robotic setup, infused with AI and image processing, optimizes material usage and elevates product quality in every natural stone creation.


Elevate Your Stone Craftsmanship

Partner with Advanced Autonomics for Unmatched Excellence

Ready to redefine the standards in natural stone craftsmanship? Explore our innovative solutions and take the first step towards elevating your stone products. Join hands with Advanced Autonomics and Herbert Heim GmbH to craft a future where precision meets tradition.